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How are you holding up?

Hi Friends!

Today I was thinking about what Jen Hatmaker always asks her guests on the "For The Love Podcast" before the podcast is over. She always asks each guest "What is saving your life right now?" 

I got to thinking about this. We are in a time period of doing things we don't know how to do and never planned on doing it. So many of us are home 24/7 working, teaching our kids, going to church, cooking, cleaning and so much more. Our social activity are video calls to our family, friends, and co-workers. We are all doing things we really don't know how to do it. This is not normal and new to us. We have to give ourselves a break. I was explaining to my son that what we are going through is just a short period of time in our whole life. We can do this. 

So what are you doing that's saving your life right now? 

For me, here are a few things I have started doing and its helping me. 

  • Everyone in my house gets dressed for the day. I have started putting makeup on and actually wearing pants that button up. (they are high-waisted stretchy jeans...shhh its our secret!). It has been making me feel more normal. I feel better wearing lipstick. 
  • We ordered Green Chef meals for a few weeks. My cooking had become boring. I needed a change and to bring new recipes into our home. Green Chef is a meal service that offers pre-measured and largely prepped homemade sauces and marinades, fresh meats and vegetables. You can cook healthy, nourishing meals in under 30 minutes. One thing I love about it is you’re free to change your preferences, skip weeks, or cancel at any time, up to seven days before your next scheduled delivery. If you are interested in Green Chef, click this link to receive $55 off. 
  • The kids and I try to be active every day outside. Since we live in Ontario, it's cold here so right now we have snow that is great to go sledding on. When it's nice outside, we try to go for walks everyday or get all bundled up to play outside. 
  • Give yourself some grace. As moms, I know how hard it is right now. We are doing our very best to teach our children, keep our house somewhat clean, and keep our sanity through it all. Sometimes you just have to stop, sit down and just read a book, take a bath, feel free to give yourself a few minutes of quiet time. Enjoy that cup of coffee or tea and just take a breath. 
  • Take 30 minutes each morning or each evening to read a book, work on your bible study, etc. Do something that fills your cup up like just doing nothing for 30 minutes, baking a cake/cookies, journaling, pray, etc. It will make you feel better.
What is saving your life right now? How are you holding on in 2021? What is making you happy?

Please comment below. I can't wait to see what everyone says. 




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