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250 Days

Please note: This post was written in November, 2020.  A lot of what is written is applicable today.  Today is 250 days my family has staying inside since the start of the pandemic. I'm starting to reach "Pandemic Fatigue." I'm just tired. I'm tired of being home. I'm tired of wanting to go sit in a coffee shop and people watch. I love being home with my family. I consider that one of the best gifts that this year has given me, but on the other hand, I cannot see my family on the other side of the border until the border can reopen. I have read many books this year. I joined the Jen Hatmaker Book Club and its one of the best things I've done in a long time.  My children are being taught by me and I feel like they are missing so much. I'm no teacher. I try my best to teach them but its hard. Right now, I have one child upstairs resting in bed because he is sick.  I caught COVID-19 in July. I took two tests and both came back negative. I had four doctors